EXPO 2019 – Frequently Asked Questions

For further information, please refer to the Metcash Supermarkets & Convenience Expo website where information will be updated and available for your reference on an ongoing basis – www.metcashexpo.com

Q. What is the cut off date for new lines to be ranged for inclusion of the 2019 Expo Deals?
A. All new lines must be ranged and in the warehouse no later than the 31st May 2019.

Q. How can I find out where my booth is located?
A. You will be advised of your booth number(s) after you have registered online. Each booth is numbered and correlates to the layout.
The layout can be found here.

Q. Can I request to change my booth location once it has been confirmed?
A. The location may be able to be changed, however you will need to make a request via the website; this can be done through the contact page at www.metcashexpo.com in the general enquires section. Please note that no booth number is guaranteed.

Q. How do I load my deals to the system?
A. Please refer to the website page www.metcashexpo.com/ordering-system; all the instructions are listed in a printable PDF.

Q. Do the deals given at Expo override my existing promotional programme or are they additional?
A. All deals at Expo are over and above existing promotional programmes or any deals that are currently in the system.

Q. What if the person nominated on the registration form changes?
A. Please send us an email through the contact page at www.metcashexpo.com in the general enquires section; the information will be amended.

Q. What if we notice an error on the registration form?
A. Please send us an email through the contact page at www.metcashexpo.com in the general enquires section; the information will be amended.

Q. How are my deals claimed?
A. There are 2 options for the Expo deals to be claimed. First is via a claim through Metcash, and the second is via cash directly through the retailer. The retailer will nominate their preferred method when placing an order. If paying in cash you must select cash when placing your order in the ordering system.

Q. Do I need to arrange insurance?
A. You would have noticed on the booking sheet a note about insurance on your exhibit. It is most important that your company fully insures your equipment and stock during Expo. If you have not yet done so, please ensure this is completed before the commencement of Expo.

Q. How many delivery windows are there for the Expo deals?
A. Expo Delivery Windows:

General Expo Order

Tobacco Product

W/C 26/08/19 W/C 19/08/19
W/C 16/09/19 W/C 23/09/19
W/C 14/10/19
W/C 18/11/19

Q. Can I have internet access at my stand?
A. Internet connections can be arranged through the GCCEC. For pricing and connection information, download a copy of the “F15 Technology Communication and Data Form”:
Download here – http://www.gccec.com.au/downloads.html; for any additional or further enquires please email [email protected]

Q. How do I gain access to the Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre (GCCEC)
As the GCCEC is deemed a construction site up to and including Friday 12th July 2019, there is NO access permitted for any suppliers prior to Saturday 13th July 2019 from 7:00am. Exhibitors who have large equipment, specifically fridges, will be able to have them delivered from Thursday 11th July 2019 from 7:00am, as arranged and directed by the Expo Operations team. A Metcash Supermarkets & Convenience team member will be on hand to receive them on this day – please note: there is no general move-in permitted on Thursday or Friday.

Q. When will my move-in time be?
A. All registered exhibitors will be contacted with their move-in times 2 weeks prior to Expo. Please adhere to your move-in times; early arrival will only cause unnecessary congestion.

Please be aware that during move-in and -out the GCCEC venue is considered a construction zone. Please do not under any circumstances bring children into the venue as they will be asked to leave the premises. Children are permitted in opening hours of exhibition.

Q. What if my move-in time does not suit?
A. If the move-in time is unsatisfactory please place a request to have it altered through the contact page at www.metcashexpo.com in the general enquires section. Please ensure you indicate why it will not work and if there are any preferences. This way we can handle your request efficiently.

Q. Can I bring a vehicle into the inside of the Exhibition Centre?
A. All vehicles brought into the GCCEC exhibition space for use on your display must comply with strict OH&S requirements. All vehicles must be first approved. To obtain approval please place a request through the contact page at www.metcashexpo.com in the general enquires section. Note: vehicles include cars / bikes / trucks / boats / caravans / trailers.

Q. Are animals allowed on the exhibitors’ stands?
A. No, as part of the Gold City Council regulation, live animals cannot be on any premises where food is being served. However guide dog users are allowed to enter all public places including food service businesses and events.

Q. Can I cook in my stand?
A. If it is your intention to do any cooking on your stand (other than food preparation), you must indicate your intention when registering your booth; further to this please place a request through the contact page at www.metcashexpo.com  in the general enquires section. Health regulations, cooking restriction / fire safety restrictions may apply and must be adhered to.

Q. Is there parking available at the Exhibition Centre?
A. Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre’s car park entrance is at the northern end of the building, accessible from traffic lights off the Gold Coast Highway and the main driveway off TE Peters Drive.

Undercover car spaces are available for short-term parking. A $12 inclusive of GST flat rate is charged for car parking at the centre. Metcash Supermarkets & Convenience personnel do not have the authority to alter this.

For more information visit – http://www.gccec.com.au/parking.html

Q. Will assistance be available at the loading dock?
A. Security staff will direct your vehicle to the rear of the building where Metcash marshals and GCCEC staff will assist you. Pallet jacks and trolleys will be on hand. Loading dock access is via the Gold Coast Highway, entering via the undercover car park. Please note that there is limited space on the dock. No vehicles at all are to be left unattended on the loading dock at any time.

Q. Are there facilities to obtain lunch/meals on move-in days?
A. Coffee and tea facilities will be available on set up days. A BBQ sausage / breakfast will be provided on Friday and Saturday beginning at 8.00am. A $5.00 donation will be sought with proceeds going to Brunswick Valley Volunteer Rescue.

Q. Can I smoke at the Exhibition Centre?
A. GCCEC is a ‘non-smoking’ venue. If you wish to smoke, you will need to go out to the designated outdoor smoking areas (DOSAs) around GCCEC.

Q. Is there secure storage space at the venue?
A. Storage areas are limited at the venue and not always available. Those exhibitors wishing to store items will be required to contact their Metcash Supermarkets & Convenience representative to log your storage requirements. These storage areas are impossible to secure properly; please do not leave brief cases or any valuable prizes in this location. Items to be stored will need to be packed up and clearly labelled. We are not liable for security of your personal possessions. Under no circumstances leave valuables such as ANY laptops unattended on your stand at any time.

Q. Do I need to arrange waste removal?
A. Industrial bins will be made available Saturday and Sunday. Please ask your staff to make use of these bins after you have set up your display.

Q. Do I need to wear my name badge?
A. When you pass through any of the entrances or exits throughout the entire move-in and -out process, as well as during the show times, you may be asked to identify yourself. Your registration name badge and any move-in or -out badges must be worn at all times.