We have listened to your feedback – and looked to improve our Metcash Ordering System (MOS) even further this year.

The Metcash Ordering System (MOS)

This year we will again be using the Metcash Ordering System, which will take away the need for manual turn-in orders, alleviate errors and give us up-to-date information on orders as they are placed.

With the Metcash Food Expo, our retailers are looking forward to the very best deals and their expectation is that they are only available at Expo.

You need to ensure that the deals on offer are the best deals available and recognise the opportunity to move big volume with face-to-face negotiations with our retail network. This year we are excited to bring further improvements to the way we manage your deals and our customers’ orders during the event. Most notably, we will be opening up an online portal for customers to preload their volume requests, which can dramatically reduce the volume of keying required at the event by our suppliers.

Retailers will be advised prior to the Expo which suppliers will be participating and their items on offer via the Expo Deal Book, which is sent to stores approx. 3 weeks prior to Expo.

We must publish these to the retailers to allow them time to do some homework. Please ensure that your deals are offered so that all retailers regardless of size and channel are able to avail themselves of the great Expo-only deals.

All deals will be entered into the ordering system prior to Expo (Wednesday 5th April – Sunday 28th May 2023 for Expo Deal Book inclusion). Please note the Expo Deal Book will run directly from the data entered into the ordering system. Therefore, if you miss keying your deals into the system you will not have orders at Expo. We will not be accepting manual orders. All deals are to be entered in retail carton quantities, not single unit deals.

Please take care to ensure that deals that are entered are correct.

The use of the system will be compulsory to all warehouse suppliers that wish to take orders at Expo. No manual orders will be accepted.

The Metcash Food Expo system is split into two systems:

  1. Deal Entry – The deal entry system consists of a deal details component – which enables suppliers to set up and manage the deals they are offering retailers. Deals can be either against a single item or packaged up into a deal bundle.
  2. Order Entry – The order entry component allows suppliers to enter a customer’s order requirements, accept a customer’s online order submission, enquire on orders placed, or view reports against order progress to date


Once you have registered for Expo you will receive a confirmation of your registration, along with your username and password to log into the MOS system.

KEY DATES (for Deal Book Inclusion)

  • Deal Entry Opens: Wednesday 5th April 2023
  • Deal Entry Closes: Sunday 28th May 2023


There is a brief Lockout period – The Deal Lockout Period is to allow the MOS team time to check all deals entered, consolidate information into the deal book, ensuring it is communicated to retailers in a timely manner for them to review. Whilst in the Lockout period, you will not be able to view the deals you have in the system; please export a copy of your deals before system closes on Sunday 28th May 2023. Deal entry will open again on Friday 2nd June 2023 to enable suppliers to add or increase deals.

NB: Deals can be modified after this date; however, those changes will not be included in any printed catalogues or deal books. Therefore, deals can only be improved, or new deals added after this date.


All laptops and printers will be provided at Expo. When designing your booth you will need to take into account that the following hardware will need to be placed in your booth. Additional power points will be supplied to your stands to run this equipment (as well as paper for printers) at no extra cost.

Representatives from Metcash Food and the GCCEC will be on hand to assist during the move-in and during the show. These people will be wearing pink safety vests with the words “IT Ordering Support” printed on the back. The registration desk will also house a dedicated IT helpdesk support for exhibitors and retailers during the event.

You will be issued with a dedicated laptop that is assigned to your stand and it will be preloaded with the Metcash Ordering System (MOS) and a printer will be assigned to it.

Laptops (there will be not printers supplied this year) will be available for collection in the main entry foyer opposite the registration desk from Saturday 15th July 2023 and will need to be signed out (and back in) by your stand exhibitor representative.

It is imperative that all laptops issued to you are safely secured out of show hours. At the conclusion of the show on Tuesday 18th July 2023, all laptops will need to be returned and signed back in.

If your stand has the electronic ordering process, please ensure that you complete the electronic ordering form sent to you by Exponet as well as the stand layout form that shows exactly where the equipment will be positioned in your stand. This will assist in ensuring the power and data cables are positioned correctly on each stand.



The Metcash Food Expo is not only about deals, it is also the ideal time to present new ranges, re-launches, advertising campaigns, promotional opportunities and also to present Category growth initiatives.

The manning and management of your stands with fully trained personnel will ensure maximum benefit for all concerned. As the MOS is an online portal, you can arrange for keying to occur from any remote location – to allow a real “sales & customer service” focus on your stands.


If you have any questions or would like some help with the ordering system (deal entry, Lines not loaded), please send an email to [email protected] and we will put you in touch with the MOS Team.

Metcash Ordering System

The Metcash Ordering System (MOS) is only supported in Google Chrome.



Dates (Week Commencing)

Expo Order (Excl. Tobacco)
  • 11/09/2023
  • 23/10/2023
  • 27/11/2023
Tobacco Products
  • 21/08/2023
  • 18/09/2023