Your Expo Expert is ready to assist with managing your stand deliverables and will guide you through the entire experience.

Step-by-step details required to create your Virtual Stand:


Description & Details

COMPANY LOGO 1024 x 1024 px PNG or JPG format (Max 1mb)
COMPANY NAME This is the name that will appear on your stand and in search fields for the delegates attending
COMPANY OVERVIEW A short company overview that will feature on your stand, 300 words maximum
WEBSITE Website URL address provide only one.
Recommendation is that this is your company’s main website
OFFICE ADDRESS Head Office Address
ORDER EMAIL ADDRESS Provide an email address that can be placed on the deal sheet on your stand for delegates to complete and return their order to you/your business to process in MOS
SOCIAL MEDIA Does your company have any social media accounts to be added?? e.g. Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram. Note – only one link per social media type
DEPARTMENT Provide relevant departments and categories for your company; this assists delegates search for stands and products
ALL PRODUCTS (Tiles) This is where you showcase your brand and/or products and/or deals.
E.g. New Products, Hero Lines, Category Insights, Products with Red Hot Deals for Expo, Trade/Consumer Promotions, Classics – everyone’s favourite and your biggest seller.
Min 4 Max 10 product tiles.
Refer to the Products Tile Template provided by your Expo Expert for more information
MARKETING CONTENT (Downloadable Content) In this section, we will be placing a copy of YOUR deal sheet. In addition to your deal book you can have up to 7 other documents E.g. Range books, Trade Presenters, Planograms, Category Insights, Ranking reports. Files can be jpeg images, excel or PDF format. Max 3MB per document
PANEL ADVERTISING – EXPO FLOOR • Platinum Package Advertising – 1:1 Square image. Dimensions to be 1600 x 1600px
• Gold Package Advertising – 10:1 Rectangular image. Dimensions to be 2000 x 200px
DEAL BOOK ADVERTISING Specification sheet on Expo website, under Metcash Virtual Expo Ordering System

If you have any questions, your Expo Expert will be able to help. Alternatively, you can contact us at [email protected].